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"Ms. Hoochie and pals present . . . products with attitude"


Ms. Hoochie Bag Check List:

Items included in complete Hoochie Bag
 • Hoochie ID card • Hoochie Certificate and Hoochie Story
 • Toiletries kit- toothbrush and holder, comb/brush, soap, etc.
 • Candle and lighter • Hoochie game
 • Morning after card • Incense • Mints • Sparkling Cider
 • Ms. Hoochie Massage Lotion/Oil

Optional items for you to add

 • Nightie/ Robe • Fresh undies/ footsies • Toothpaste • Floss
 • Deodorant • Mouthwash • Bottle of spirits/ candy • Condoms
 • Other sexy toys/ games/ books
 • Mr. Right Now bag or items for that special friend

Hoochie Bag (Complete) $25.00  
  Hoochie Bag (Only) $15.00
• Laminated Certificate & ID Card $7.00   • Mr. Right Now Bag - $7.00


• Ms. Hoochie T-Shirts
  $15.00 each

• Little Black Book
  • Hot Dates Book

 Ms. Hoochie T-Shirts:

 • Problem? !@#% - Solution: Chocolate

To be or not to be a hoochie?
    What a silly question.

  Because every woman is part Hoochie!

 Both Books $20.00 (Saves $5.00) Every woman needs to keep certain important information at her disposal. She has to have a number she can call for help in a pinch. She may also need to jot down a few memorable tidbits of information for future reference. Let's face it. A girl needs to be prepared at all times. To help you keep yourself together and have all your important notes in one place, I've created your very own Little Black Book and Hot Dates Book. So get out that pen and start keeping track.  

Ms. Hoochie Cards:

Ms. Hoochie cards 5 for $7

Holiday cards 5 for $7, your choice
1 of ea. Assortment (bunny, patriotic, birthday, MH w/ Santa, couple)
5 of same card or make your own assortment of 5 cards.

• Ms. Hoochie Cards
  • Ms. Hoochie Holiday Cards