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Didicated to:
Mitchell Burt


A Hoochie Story: The Beginning Return to Ms. Hoochie Page

In our early years together, I learned lots of interesting things about my man. One of them was how spontaneous he was.

One day while driving home from an outing, he spotted a quaint little motel and suggested we stop. The first time he surprised me like that I was so impressed. He was sexy, full of fun and passion.

The night was great. But the next morning, I discovered the one drawback to the previous night. I had nothing I needed for the morning after...no toothbrush or clean undies, nothing. It was most uncomfortable.

I got home later and when remembering how wonderful my evening had been with my man, I forgot about being uncomfortable the next morning. I was grateful for what I thought might be a one time deal. And basking in the afterglow, I remembered everything with a big smile.

Then some time later when I got the same proposal again, I was thrilled. What a lucky girl I was... a man with romance and fun on his mind. Uh-oh, but what about the next morning's blues? SO before the motel, we hit the 7/11. Toothbrushes and a bottle of wine and we were set. But it still could've been better.

This time when I got home I decided that if he was going to be spontaneous, I was going to be ready. So I put together my first hoochie bag for the both of us and threw it in the trunk of the car. Just a few necessities (and a few fun extras).

Sure enough, once again, my Romeo gave me a wink and before I knew it we were pulling in to a sweet little inn. Only,this time, he got the surprise when I said, "Hey honey, grab the bag out of the trunk." He smiled that wicked little smile and said "love a woman that's prepared."

Always, Hoochie